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March 10, 2008


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Thought someone who strayed here ought to know …


The Harmony and Development of Human Beings ▪ Robert Mundell (Canadian!) Nobel Laureate

March 9, 2008

I have to take a pause, for great wisdom and exposure of thought: Robert Mundell is an amazing Canadian “product” that has gone to great things on the world stage.

I was exposed to him in University and followed him along as his views won out. He is a shadow character, a thinker with few peers.

This speech was to the Beijing Nobel Laureates Forum, Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China, on September 05 2006. He was named permanent adviser to the Beijing Nobel Laureates Forum, in tribute to his position with the leadership of the People’s Republic of China. His thoughts are like a teaspoon of sugar to the mind, in context of a fierce debate I endured last night vs. a committed, gloating “Gold” bug.

Without understanding views of people like Mundell, fear is what you can feel as disturbing gyrations in the marketplace occur. The guessing without thought leadership and a basis of knowledge can induce more fear as inexplicable happenings occur.

Take a calming, teaspoon of sugar here: a free download of some rather profound reflection, as the world appears to some as on the brink into a jingoistic, xenophobic set of laager states. It won’t happen in my opinion but the Gold bugs of the world seem to think its Plan A. I think its Plan 0 for them. We are smarter I hope than they think we are.

”The Harmony and Development of Human Beings”

There is a cred speech here delivered on receiving an honorary degree from the third oldest university in the world, that explains the influence of this remarkable man you may never have heard of but oddly, who ever hears him, listens very carefully for the influence he has had to date.

Cheap News: Industry "News" Remixes and Democracy 2.0

March 9, 2008

I have read much on the issue of “broken” news, where there is a colourization of the real news noticed with the “witness” function diminished. In the U.S. context, this is taken as a threat to the workings of their democracy. They see it and talk about it.

I tend to buy in to this as it affects Canada. I view as a consequence my sources of information much more critically yet I know I am only partially immune to a cumulative effect or in some cases an annoyance factor, that seems to get to me when I see the truth stretched as I perceive it. In other cases, very good solid journalism is present, rightfully provocative, and well that is why it is tuned in, hence the “mainstream” of the MSM.

I also confess here some “closet” journalism at Northworthy. Many of my blog postings are original and attributed “publicly” to digital media sources. It is a Digital Age thing where bloggers can get to the story the MSM cannot for whatever reason. My “publisher” is myself and this is not done for advertising or personal notoriety. It is done however perhaps in a perceived civic duty, in a very noisy World 2.0 way: there are many people blogging in this fashion, exercising a perceived civic duty that is newly available to the “Democratic” mind (others have called the “hive” and more).

Did I mention “civic” duty? This is not for the people who stick their head in the sand, or suffer emotional discordance from the use of fear as the weapon of choice in the contemporaneous polity.

This civic duty is the concept where if you live in a democracy, while you have rights within the state to your freedoms, as we Canadians do expressly since 1982, you also have a parallel obligation back to that democracy, to keep it functioning well by participation.

I see this as well enabled in the Digital Age as people want to know what their representatives are doing and they want their input known.

More broadly, “we the people” want a mutual recognition that there is this messy business of democracy when making decisions “executive” in nature on our behalf. Democracy 2.0 is going on now, and it puts the reminder out there squarely, that the government and those entrusted electively with it supervision, exists to serve the people, and not vice versa.

Today it is apparent that a Canadian Senator or MP can get 200 or 2,000 emails or be aware that 25,000 Canadians or more have formed up in 5 or 10 days (here, here), on an issue that matters to them. This should get the message across versus the one from this or that association, or this or that person that may have incited this reaction. Their elective trust can become rapidly ephemeral with their integrity implicitly threatened if they ignore the totality of the messages.

Strikingly this week, a short exchange occurred that saw a claim made by one Liberal MP of receiving hundreds e-mail v. the poor backbench Tory who self-stated his irrelevance to his constituents by claiming to have received only one.

The MSM itself too has to consider the rights it has been granted (considerable under copyright law as well) have concomitant civic obligations with them, that if neglected, in the Democracy 2.0 world, may with great rapidity swiftly injure any publisher’s interests, possibly with no second chance.

The “press” as a “witness” for us to news worthy events we ought to know about, has a fine line between the “text” – the content – and the owner of the news channel, the Publisher, who is in turn dependent on “sponsors.” This line will be more readily discernible in a Web 2.0 world, and unless it is cross-subsidized by “interests” and disclosed as by or for special interests, or in a different competitive setting where there is public sponsorship, the line must be vigorously self-enforced.

And that itself raises a last issue, that if the words used with respect to Bill C-10 are similarly applied to the continued sponsorship of the CBC, such that “public policy” concerns become the “right” subject to continued funding, the CBC itself in Canada, becomes a next in line victim to what our film and television production industry faces right now.

[Julianna Yau picked up the CARFAC “press” release that no news media outlet will dare “mine” solely “Government to Censor Made-in-Canada Productions,” Toronto International Film Festival Group News Release “In Defence of Offence” (look at the economic and cultural spin-offs this group pulls in here).]

If the production of news becomes perceived by the viewer as mimicry from well funded sources, political or corporate, it then becomes a more obvious battle over who has access to create such news. This in turn raises questions to whether a plutocracy should be substituted for our democracy, knowingly by the people, or insidiously, in known observations.

But that choice is known to be not unacceptable to free people. It won’t sell soap. It won’t be bought. It cannot enter the present public appetite, where the state can ask our kin to defend it for democracy, where we can freely volunteer to do the same, and sadly many of “us” have already fallen for democracy.

The eventual solution we see occurring is in the slower steps now started, to restore the MSM balance, so that citizen journalists can work in a better partnership with the MSM to generate the positive debates to get the issues settled right for everyone’s benefit, beyond executive fiat. The awareness of the MSM ‘bias’ and the sharp rise in the Web 2.0 universe, and channel diversity should bring about a healing of the “broken” news. The blog universe has quietly with usually high latency, slowness, has fed back into MSM reportage and into the political arena. Soon that latency, will reduce, and the healthy symbiotic relationships should be quite interesting to see fully develop.

Until then, if one uses a lens to viewing a “story telling” rather than a “witnessing” while one may be annoyed that such a lens has to be used, in some sense, any “chains” you feel or threats to freedoms, are thrown off. The truth here, indeed, sets you free.

The very MSM ratings that advertisers depend on for their valued function in our economy will get the message across squarely. The lack of comments and implied relevance for the MSM will be their own “canary in a coal mine” as it would be for any politician, and it will be their choice, to take the message appropriately, or to disappear.

Pornography and "Public Policy"

March 9, 2008

The use of the “XXX” connection in the news release of the CRIA March 6, 2008 (no longer publicly available from the CRIA or the News wire service), is very similar to the public course of debate on Bill C-10: mixing the known ineligible with the desired ineligible to spread misinformation: linking a “bad” with another “bad.”

If this sounds familiar to claims that the “pirate” organizations are fronts for terrorist ops and money laundering, I ask a simple question: what about the old fashioned desire of making a quick buck, getting away with it, and retire fast, to some presentable digs with a ‘legit” look?

This is thematic to capitalist “success” literature, excepting its ordinarily using a legit product and paying the taxes, and staying somewhat respectable.

This makes me wonder if say Vivid Entertainment of the US should have a future “news release” if its property was involved while also having a similar legitimate right with the same access the CRIA member companies have to our “RCMP Federal Enforcement Section.” I wonder if the “Canadian Family Action Coalition” would object to this “counterfeiting” and breach of copyright law?

That “Adult” industry appears however smarter than the recording industry: they make lots of new product, deliver it as customers want it, and diminish the value in “classic” content by improving production quality. Sure they could stall their pipeline, divert resources, whine for government support, and try to get more from the past, but they know their market. Maybe the recording industry should examine what the “bad” “XXX” industry does to stay in business in the Digital Age. Adult 2.0 seems to be #1 or #2 on the Internet.

For the people who think this industry does not know what it is doing, read their “press release” on the subject of kids and the Internet.

(Ed. Note: once one makes the leap to the Digital Age, you have to use new models of almost everything, hence the 2.0 I use more often).

The Big CRIA "Bust" in the Media is Not Over IMHO

March 9, 2008

The incident I blogged about here has provoked this “editorial.

I have screen shots of all the links I browsed and pointed to, excepting the video, and will consider digging harder at this news. I for example went to see the archive versions of the taken down site in question that only partially tell its story.

In Alexa, its shows some of the complaints and angsts against the company, but it also shows the network of the organization. Many other sites are still active.

On one hand, Audiomaxxx.com does appear to be a pirate source of physical copies, not for “trying” but for buying in substitution for the owner’s product – a big no, no. On the other hand, it appears to link into a rather complex network of ethnocentric and youth dance parties across Canada, that were also likely used to sell many DJ CD remixes in person, and possibly the alleged bootleg CD’s as well.

The remixes themselves may not all be illegal under Canadian law. It is leap of faith to call all of the product “illegal” as certain licensing issues present themselves in the case of DJ’s and the content they use and create themselves.

The mail order connection and all of this is future work, and there is much more to come on this from the obvious thorough investigation by the CRIA and the support they have with the Federal Government and the RCMP (the CRIA in its news release seemed to have a rather interesting relationship with Federal prosecutors).

This is but the tip of a very large iceberg from my cursory view. If I was a paid-for-journalist, I would have a field day here. Much more news should come from this. We will have to watch with appropriate anticipation.

Put a Finger Down Your Throat at the MEDIA!

March 7, 2008

“RCMP Raid Shuts Down Massive Alleged Music Counterfeiting Operation in Winnipeg, Following Investigation by Canadian Recording Industry Association”

“Following a year-long investigation by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA), the RCMP has shut down Audiomaxxx.com Ltd., a major alleged music counterfeiting operation in Winnipeg, and filed criminal charges against four individuals.”

Toronto, Mar 06, 2008

News Article published by the CRIA

The MSM story was picked up here, here, here, but not here (yet) on the RCMP News Releases.

Canadian Press:

“A 31-year-old man from Winnipeg was arrested Wednesday after the Audiomaxxx.com raid. The man’s name was not released by police because he has not been formally charged.”

Now the CRIA has issued a correction here.

    TORONTO, March 7 /CNW/ - In the CRIA media release of March 6,
it was erroneously reported that RCMP had filed criminal charges
against four people in connection with the RCMP investigation into
Audiomaxxx.com Ltd. CRIA has received information that no one has
been charged with an offence in respect of this matter.

(more with named party in apology)

Ok … I am slow. Leaf fan.

The Canadian Press writes a story that people were arrested but not charged. The CRIA issues a glowing press release of the arrest naming names. Then the CRIA issues a correction that says there were no charges hence no arrests? But still has or had the Press Release that looks like “News Article” published on its own website here (at this moment) naming names.

Who is the “press” here?

There is no retraction yet in the media … and likely we will see some more broken news … This is awkward. Very.

UPDATE 1: 1:29 am

Following up to find what Media outlets pick this up story up the Mounties have not released a word yet on the “story” from their website still (1.29 am EST 7.3.2008)

The Mounties do have a clear message in their FAQ:

6. I have a friend who downloads music from the internet. Is he breaking the law?
Downloading music for personal use is currently not a criminal offence in Canada. However, this legislation is constantly being challenged and it would be wise to check often to ensure that the laws concerning this practice have not changed.

Is it a crime to threaten people of a crime though?

UPDATE 2: 1:32 am

CTV picks it up … no names this time … no charges .. but 1 is arrested … how does that work? They have video 4 people arrested and 31 year old man faces charges.

UPDATE 3: 1:41 am

Manitoba RCMP

Four arrested in “Project DVD”
Winnipeg, Manitoba
March 6, 2008

In the morning of March 5, 2008, the Winnipeg RCMP Federal Enforcement Section executed a search warrant at the business premise of Audiomaxxx.com on Pembina Highway, in Winnipeg.

RCMP Federal Enforcement Section through the Canadian Recording Industry Association received dozens of complaints concerning this local internet business suspected, over the past three years, of operating a sophisticated commercial operation in the manufacturing and distribution of pirated compact discs, DVDs and most recently digital downloads throughout North and Central America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Audiomaxxx.com was suspected of shipping tens of thousands of pirated CDs every month and pirating the work of legitimate artists, music labels, and music associations from around the world for its own financial gain.

The search warrant was executed under the Copyright Act at the business premise where investigators found an elaborate illegal operation. Investigators found and seized three computers and various related computer equipment, five burning towers with a total capacity of copying 11,500 discs a day (if operating 12 hr. a day), two Print Factory to label the discs, postage equipment and envelopes, video surveillance equipment and lastly approximately 100,000 printed and labeled CDs and DVDs were seized with as many or more blanks.

Four individuals were arrested in connection with this investigation. One 31 year-old male from Winnipeg has been released on conditions to appear before Federal Court on May 26, 2008 in Winnipeg. He will be facing numerous charges under the Copyright Act under sections 42(1) (a), (b) and (c). The other three individuals also from Winnipeg were released pending further investigation.

The public is reminded that the manufacturing for sale, distribution and rental or publicly exhibit compact discs, DVDs and digital downloads is illegal under the Copyright Act. Individuals convicted of such activities can face fines up to 1 million dollars or imprisonment to a term up to 5 years.

Sgt. Line Karpish
D Division RCMP / Media Liaison

In a strange coincidence, the site posting the “press release” of the D Divsion, http://www.mysteinbach.ca, has that rare connection to the http://www.familyaction.org site, in sharing the same outfit for some of their services on the internet, a US firm, Internetnamesforbusiness.com, served via US IP addresses.

http://www.familyaction.org? The Canadian Family Action Coalition. Is that familiar? Oh yes, Bill C-10 and evangelical, non-registered lobbyist (I just checked) Charles McVety …

UPDATE 4: 4:26 am
I am strongly considering canceling my Globe and Mail Subscription: Page A-11, in print reads like its written from the CRIA press release without any independent research. I guess the correction in the next days paper will use the correction from the corrected CRIA press release.

The first CRIA “News Release” published March 6th, 2008 is no longer available from the CRIA’s website. The current correction they publish does not point to the prior publication because I think they are afraid of the private person they named suing them: if the police won’t name him, this has caused a challenge to the CRIA having named him. This is bizarre as Michael Geist picked up on in his blog.

UPDATE 6: 8/3/2008 8:11 pm

The Globe and Mail has published an online correction to its print story, at some time today. I won’t cancel them out but I will tell their publisher what I think. He responds to crap like this.

They post at the moment:


Four people arrested March 5 by Winnipeg RCMP in connection with an alleged piracy scheme involving DVDs, compact discs and digital downloads have been released without charge. The RCMP says one of the four, freed on an undertaking to reappear May 26, may face “numerous charges” under the Copyright Act for offences that carry a penalty of up to $1-million in fines and five years imprisonment, while the other three remain under investigation. Incorrect information appeared in a story yesterday.

UPDATE 7: 9/3/2008 12:23 am

Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day releases press release 7/3/2008 at 20:16 ET, to offer his congratulations to the police officers on “arrests and seizures” like this.

He also links “piracy” with “organized crime.”

Minister Day Comments on the Largest Ever Seizure of Alleged Counterfeit CDs and DVDs in Canada

Read it if you care. Will it get pulled and be corrected? Interesting and interesting’r.


The use of “Alleged” in the title of the Minister’s press release, presents a hint here to the difficulty faced with a seizure of this size, with likely significant amounts of goods seized that were likely too circumstantial before analysis to lay the charges to come, if they do. The documentary requirements here I imagine are significant ($$$,$$$), throwing the wrench in the planned public relations campaign. There are likely the DJ Mixes involved too which are going to be a huge PITA, both for the analysts, alleged property owners, and the lawyers involved (read this very interesting post by Jason K on the DJ /club mixes in general). Add in the Adult industry porn, and the classification of it, by owner, and its pedigree, without the aid of a “CRIA” like organization (maybe) to help, and well you have some delay in the news here to the charges, if any result.

My sense of this is that we are not dealing with “replica’s” hence the charges not being laid. What the police were told and what they found are possibly a rather serious issue at the moment. I have to look for the news story to find out …


The CBC has some interesting video with only 3 or 4 inaccuracies in it. I love the way the host puts a certain visual opprobrium into it. From the scene, that CTV did not get access to, the CBC video feed shows none of the named artists in the audio commentary, that come from the CRIA press release, so far … one more video to watch …

The retracted press release BTW is hosted now by a proxy domain service that put it up at http://www.audiomaxxx.net with no traceable elements. Unless the CRIA the owner of the original content, puts up a fuss, with the proxy registrar, that is where it will be forever.


Marisa Dragani reports for CBC-TV (Runs: 1:56)
Play: Real Media »
Play: QuickTime »


This one is the best account of it right from the RCMP themselves in a TV interview with some of the video feed of the “international” CBC version at Update 8. The host is referring to a list that only includes the CRIA news release artists. No video evidence of any of those artists named. The “hard core pornography” the CRIA had mentioned, is not mentioned in this interview.


David Gray interviews RCMP Sgt. Line Karpish (Runs: 5:11)
Play: QuickTime »
Play: Real Media »

UPDATE 10: 9/03/2008

There is a very interesting comment here on what is a missing element to this whole sorry tale:

Its from here: http://www.dancehall.mobi/2008/03/07/audiomaxxx-shut-down/

“This is NOT a good thing for reggae as a whole.
Yes he was selling material and not paying anyone…but he was organised and up to date and was beginning to stock a great collection of classics… for a NEW artist AUDIOMAXXX was agreat tool to get known wihtout spending too much money or time…
anyone who is REJOICING over this, doesn’t know how the crooked reggae industry operates…
too many unorganised and half assed labels have been the main reason why reggae is not the biggest ting in the world…artists like BUSY SIGNAL have benfited from Audiomaxxx…”

– Gappy Crucial, March 9, 2008

"No One Likes a Bully: The IIPA and Canada" UPDATE

March 7, 2008

William Patry hits one out of the ballpark here: “No One Likes a Bully: The IIPA and Canada”

This blog article blows my mind. Its not a must read; that is trite. How about a civic duty?

It exposes in my opinion a clever corruption of the term “International” and lots of other clever corruptions.

For a company in battle for survival now with Microsoft, whether they know it or not, I personally expect no less to come from him.

In fact, I expect much more from him, not just in his preferred field of copyright but to the roots of what is copyright law, in its framing a competitive marketplace for intellectual goods and services, that serves best the public interest. That may in a US context, require examination of the Sherman Act and how the Copyright Act must fit with that Act and answer also to the public interest in that particular law, its twin evolution and history, against industry trusts and harmful monopoly power. Copyright is after all a grant of monopoly by the people to the creator and the holders of those copyrights, which may not be the creative, fuzzy and warm artists often projected as the author, but rather people who are instead servants subject to the power of the creator and copyright holder, like the members of the Writers Guild of America and most members of ACTRA here at home.

This is not to tarnish him or his views in any way, but it is a wake call to all consumers really, that I read in the undertones, of what is at the root of the problem: the corruption he exposes of process, word and deeds (our government appeared ready to walk into a “trap,” that Industry Minister Prentice has fended off to date, possibly to his credit, a story in the making perhaps?).

Another such wake up call is Professor Lawrence Lessig’s new calling “Corruption“. No more copyright issues, he has moved on, perhaps identifying his best use of his considerable human capital as well as his followers perhaps in the realization that the copyright law he loves, is but a tool of anti-competitive manipulation in context of industrial property and competition laws.

There is no other person like Lessig, in energizing an issue and in being in fearless pursuit of the truth, the true scholar’s passion and obsession. Smell and all, at the end of 10 years of study, just as the Creative Commons is very well known, so may be the awareness of corruption both on those who participate in it and those who watch it occur, in complicity.

This blogger will say a small prayer tonight, optimistic that the truth will win out. That once corruption is brought to fuller American awareness, that America will properly deal with it.

We in Canada, whom William Patry assists greatly, in filling in much of our “broken news” in his post, owe Mr Patry a greater debt of gratitude, not for this exposure of the process we may have succumbed to and its evils, but for what he exposed for his own countrymen to fit into their reality and figure out for themselves, where his country has gone wrong.

Certainly, there will be battles, where spin and FUD get plied, where “success should not be penalized”, etc, etc, etc. Its old news and old angles to come. Screaming billionaires making monopoly profits are just somehow not that sincere in protestations, where the games played evolved into rules beyond any recognizable public interest. The unscientific v. the scientific. The media “mashing of the issue” v. the truth that the MSM is an issue itself, if it cannot get the answers for, and by the people the MSM claims to serve.

We hope the people win this one. The cold Hell otherwise is also a fitting and deserving end, if they lose. I certainly do not want to reside there.

Ariel Katz, a very thought provoking law professor at the UofT who teaches competition law and intellectual property, and who is the Innovation Chair in Electronic Commerce, has just released an interesting paper that needs a full examination. Its available here, entitled “Making Sense of Nonsense: Intellectual Property, Anti-trust, and Market Power.” The policy twins in industrial property, competition and intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright, design, trade secret law), clash.

The legal people may have their debate:
what about the “people” and their representatives?

This is the type of provocation that might tip to a larger debate. This professor has worked the issue hard as to whether copyright collectives should exist anymore for example. Always an interesting challenging point of view. This one must have some wet spots but harder spots too, with great learning potential. It may address what challenges William Patry in this blog post must surely have to address by day, particularly as a monopolist in one market is about to move to compete directly with his own firm. Does Professor Katz deal with the Sherman Act / Clayton Act with this situation or it is a non-obvious extension to a future article as a monopolist may again embrace and extend its market? Stay tuned after this law and economics article gets its due digest.

Rick Mercer: From the Desk of Stephen Harper

March 6, 2008

Rick Mercer: From the Desk of Stephen Harper

Is parody legal in Canada? Watch out Rick Mercer.

This is a “beauty,” eh?

Update 1:

But is this comedy or a comic reality?

No tax guidelines, no worries, right?

The Toronto Star’s Martin Knelman on the to be tabled Guidelines that took 8 years to make … that were evidently shown to someone to start this chain of what I would call an unintended exposure, that now evidently do not exist.

Update 2:

The Globe and Mail story that appears to have the scoop on the Guidelines states they exist.

Tories plan to withhold funding for ‘offensive’ productions


From Thursday’s Globe and Mail

“The Conservative government has drafted guidelines that would allow it to pull financial aid for any film or television show that it deems offensive or not in the public’s best interest – even if government agencies have invested in them.”

What started this? Would you believe Paul and Karla.

News is that this was put in by the Liberals to block funding of a film on Karla Homolka, that itself might have been an over reaction. Like should we censor sh-t like that? I would not pay for it but maybe there is something there in a biopic that the media and court tales missed? I have no sympathy for her what so ever but it is a story that blanketed the media for what 6 months? I think if I recall correctly the families lawyer, Tim Danson, acting pro-bono, worked this line against the exploitation of the victims in any film. Maybe the right law instead should have been like any proceeds due a crook from crook tales should be property of the state, i..e. effective proceeds of crime legislation. That in itself raises all kind of issues like a victim’s right to privacy i.e. they are not a public figure and the use of their private image, etc. would be a violation of their privacy rights, subject to something along the lines of defamation and infringement of their right to exploit their own image i.e. right’s normally obtained in the movie biz obtained before filming to prevent this kind of action. The US law might be helpful here. So might an extension to cover a murder victim, who has no estate interest. Why not give that estate an interest? You want to exploit the murder of my child? I will own you unless you pay me x,y,z. or no money will make up for the horror of this event to my life and your money is not worth anything to me or what I could use it for in their honour i.e. forget about it. The victim should have a choice. Not censorship. A private legal remedy fixed to an appropriate statute could solve it all.

Strange Bedfellows: Liberals and Conservatives, Film Industry Consultations in 2003, Bill C-10

March 5, 2008

Government Announces Changes to the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit November 14, 2003

That is right 2003.

Someone on Facebook pointed to this press release that indicated the film industry was consulted on these changes.

Today’s proposal results from ongoing consultations with all sectors of the film industry, which were undertaken by the Departments of Finance and Canadian Heritage following Budget 2000.

Liberal Ministers Copps and Manley issued this.

Ok … the story gets interesting … the press release makes no reference to the issue before the public now. It does however refer to the Income Tax Act amendments:

Amendments to the Income Tax Act relating to Films and Video Productions

The nasty 13 words “public financial support of the production would not be contrary to public policy” are disclosed twice, connected with the notion of “Guidelines.”

“The Minister of Canadian Heritage shall issue guidelines respecting the circumstances under which the conditions in paragraphs (a) and (b) of the definition of “Canadian film or video production certificate” in subsection (1) are satisfied. For greater certainty, these guidelines are not statutory instruments as defined in the Statutory Instruments Act.”

A legitimate question arises: was the Film Industry consulted entirely on this? Secondly, were they competent to follow up on the press release and the hyper links from it, putting forth the Amendments also made known that date. The Amendments show “Guidelines” to come, and the critical “contrary to public policy.”

With the legislation this old, and since “consultations” already have taken place, where are these Guidelines almost 5 years later? One would think they would be available by now.

It would seem the Conservatives have to tuck in the covers for the beddings the Liberals were going to put in place.

Oddly, today in the House, the Bloc Quebecois stuck up for Canadians interest everywhere by protecting the Quebec interest and so did the NDP. The Bloc moved a motion to amend C-10. The Liberals and Conservatives tied the knot again to defeat this amendment.

The Senate that erstwhile pesky institution that the founders of this country knew was needed, has evidently put pause to both the Liberal and Conservative plans to put in public policy guidelines on the Film Industry of Canada, potentially crippling it immeasurably.

Now being the critical lot I am, would not the Heritage committee also be clued in here, so the claim in the House of no notice, or the slipping in of an amendment, is quite questionable, particularly with the Liberal-Conservative concord on this measure and its age overall since its 2000 year origin.

UPDATE: The Liberals have seen the light and are going to support artistic freedom and expression and of course blame this on the Conservatives:

Liberals to Shed Light on Conservative Censorship Attempt

Wait until the Liberals wake up and see who put in the measure in the first place. They are entitled to now a broader review of what they were going to do. And they are the Loyal Opposition now giving them leeway. The Conservatives now appear to be in a stubborn contest to see who is most unelectable, a context they have a chance of winning bigtime in Quebec and Ontario. Its not always who you vote for that counts but who you vote against. Ask Danny boy, the A.B.C. – Anything But Conservatives – champion. Bet on the NDP getting a new level of invective cast their way in the months to come, cuz like it or not, they can come up the middle here. It might be Jack’s election to lose while we vote ABC with no stomach for the Liberals still deserving evidently of being in the penalty box.

A Nascent Film Makers Point of View

March 5, 2008

David Germain’s blog: Hey! Hey! Ho Ho! Bill C-10 has GOT TO GO!!